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Seaton Bay on Devon's Jurassic Coastline.



Attractions around Seaton and the Axe Valley.

Seaton is the perfect location from which you can explore the many and varied attractions of East Devon as well as neighbouring Dorset. Wherever you go along the Jurassic Coast you will see quaint towns and villages, stunning scenery and evidence of a fascinating past.

Seaton Tramways

Seaton Tramways are famous for their narrow gauge heritage trams which travel between Seaton, Colyford and Colyton in East Devon’s glorious Axe Valley and is one of Devon’smajor tourist attractions carrying over 100,000 passengers a year.

The 3 mile long track runs alongside the River Axe estuary through the Seaton Marsh and Colyford Common Local Nature Reserves.

During good weather the open top trams are very popular and the seats on top are quickly taken up. In poor weather the Tramway operates enclosed single-deck saloons.

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High on the hill overlooking Beer and Lyme Bay is the celebrated Pecorama gardens, Beer Heights Light Railway and indoor model railway exhibition.

These beautiful gardens are landscaped in various themes including a ruined tower upon which is set the Roof Garden

The Moat Garden waters drop down over granite boulders before flowing into the multi-coloured flowerbeds of the Rainbow Garden.

The Moon Garden is planted with silvery foliage and blue flowers contrasting with the neighbouring golden yellow, flower-filled Sun Garden.

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Beer Quarry Caves

Beer Quarry Caves

Beer Quarry Caves are a vast man- made complex of underground caverns created by centuries of quarrying the famous Beer Stone.

The earliest traces of quarrying for Beer stone date back 2,000 years to the times when England was part of the Roman Empire.

Conducted tours by trained guides,give the visitor an hour long tour of this vast man–made complex of underground caverns from 26th March 2018 Until the end of October.

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Seaton’s Illuminated Carnival.

Seaton Carnival 2017

Seaton’s annual Illuminated Carnival takes place on the first Saturday after the late summer August Bank Holiday Monday.

Carnival week starts on the August Bank holiday weekend with the crowning of the Carnival Queen followed by a week of events, shows and activities to add to the Carnival fun.

Saturday evening sees the town centre streets closed off as crowds of spectators pick their spot along the route of the Carnival procession to watch the parade of floats, some illuminated with thousands of light bulbs pass by.

As well as the spectacular floats there are costumed walking entries, many of whom are also lit up with lights attached to their costume, troupes of Majorettes, smaller floats, street bands, Motorcycle outriders and local clubs and organisations.

The 2018 Seaton Illuminated Carnival Procession will be on Saturday 1st September.

2015 Carnival Photo Slideshow.

Bluebell Time

Colyford Goose Fayre

Bluebell time
Colyford Goose Fayre

Often associated with ancient woods, Bluebells are well adapted to life in woodlands. In the spring they flower before the surrounding trees come out in full leaf, completing their life cycle while light levels are high, growing quicker than the surrounding vegetation because they have an energy store in the form of a bulb.

The native bluebell’s deep violet-blue flowers have a strong sweet scent, and the flower stems droop or nod distinctively to one side.

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The annual Michaelmas Goose Fayre with mummers, strolling players, dancers in medieval costume and, the highlight of the afternoon, the mummers play

A large number of villagers and their friends dress in medieval costume and form a procession which walks through the village. This colourful procession of hundreds of people follow the Mayor of Colyford and his lady down to Springfield to the accompaniment of music and jollity from the Mummers and the many providers of medieval music.

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Seaton Labyrinth.

Seaton Labyrinth

To celebrate Seaton’s 1000th anniversary in 2O05 the Axmouth Spiral Centre constructed a Labyrinth in the Cliff field above the West Walk in Seaton.

Within a 60ft diameter spiral, the walk which measures 453 yards from start to centre connects with the way in which the 95-mile coastline reveals 185 million years of evolution.

Unlike a maze the Seaton labyrinth has no false turns or dead ends.

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