Grizzly 2018 – May the Course be with You!
10:30 to 16:30
United Kingdom

Grizzly 2018

Axe Valley Runners welcome you to the 31st Grizzly “May the Course be with You”, which is held under Association of Running Clubs rules with permit numbers ARC 18/043 (Grizzly & Cub) and 18/044 (Junior Race & Fun Run). Over the previous 30 years, there have been well over 80,000 completed runs, with more than £364,000 of race proceeds being donated to numerous different charities.

The Grizzly has over 3,000′ ascent in its 20 miles. There are two sections of beach, totalling well over a mile; two energy-sapping bogs, where runners are often up to their waists in water and mud; and the infamous “Stairway to Heaven”, a steep path up the side of a cliff (beware if you suffer from vertigo). Some of the descents are steep and often very slippery, so please take care. It will take roughly your road marathon time, perhaps longer if conditions are grim.

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