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Seaton Bay on Devon's Jurassic Coastline.

Seaton’s 2015 Illuminated Carnival..

Seaton’s 2015 Illuminated Carnival.


The 2018 Seaton Carnival Procession will be on Saturday 1st September.

Previous Years Carnivals.

More about Guy Fawkes Carnivals & Illuminated Carnivals

Seaton’s annual Illuminated Carnival takes place on the first Saturday after the late summer August Bank Holiday Monday.

Carnival week starts on the August Bank holiday weekend with the crowning of the Carnival Queen. A week of events, shows and activities add to the Carnival fun.

Saturday evening sees the town centre streets closed off. Crowds of spectators pick their spot along the route of the Carnival procession. As the parade of floats, some illuminated with thousands of light bulbs passes by.

As well as the spectacular floats there are costumed walking entries. Many of whom are also lit up with lights attached to their costume. Troupes of Majorettes, smaller floats, street bands, Motorcycle outriders and local clubs and organisations.

Floats include both music and costumed people to complete their theme. People and items on the cart can either be moving or static in tableau.

Today these carts are driven by farm tractors, and usually also tow a large diesel-driven electricity generator. This provides the huge amount of power required to power the carts. Some generators used can provide over one megawatt of power, with 10,000 to 30,000 lamps not uncommon.

The tractors themselves are often decorated to match the rest of the cart and generator. In some cases they are modified so that the driver is positioned low down between the two front wheels. This allows for a higher degree of decoration without obscuring the driver’s view. The length of the entire cart is often built to the maximum allowable of 100 feet (30 m).

These floats are interspersed with walking exhibits. Groups or individuals, marching bands, majorette troupes, and charity collectors who take donations from the spectators.

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